EmitNet - server

Use emitNet function when you want to trigger an event from the server to a client or to all clients.
You need to declare the event on the client with onNet first.


function emitNet(eventName: string, serverId: string | number, ...args?: any ) => void

Required argument

  • eventName: The event name you want to trigger.
  • serverId: The player to send to.
    Note: set serverId to -1 will send the event to all clients.

Optional arguments

  • …args: The arguments you want to pass.


// No arg
emit("foo:pokedYou", 2);

// With args
emit("foo:pokedYouAndGiveMessages", 2, ["Javascript is cool!", "But FiveM is better!"]);

// To all clients
emit("foo:pokedYouAll", -1);