This event is available both in the client and in the server.
In the client this event is deprecated! Use chat:addMessage instead.
Triggering this event in the client allows you to send a chat message to this client.
Listening for this event in the server allows you to read/log/reply the message.




Client side:
string author, array color, string text
  • author: The name of the player that sent the message.
  • color: The color array. Color syntax: {255, 255, 255} ( {r, g, b} )
  • text: The message
Server side:
source, string author, string text
  • source: The source of the chat message
  • author: The name of the player that sent the message.
  • text: The message


Server-side JS Example:
onNet('chatMessage', (src, author, text)=>{
    // Log the message
    let ts = new Date().toLocaleString();
    console.log(`[${ts}] ${author}: ${text}`);

    //Check for '/ping' and reply with 'Pong!'
    if(src && text.startsWith('/ping')){
            emitNet('chat:addMessage', src, {
                color: [255, 20, 147],
                args: ["Server", "Pong!"]

Note: We are using setImmediate() otherwise the reply (Pong!) will show up in the chat before the command (/ping).