Creating chat messages

Commonly found in tutorials and older resources, the chatMessage event is used to create a chat message. This method is now deprecated and people are encouraged to use the chat:addMessage event.

chatMessage (The deprecated method)

The old chatMessage event had 3 parameters (author[string], color[array] and text[string])


TriggerEvent("chatMessage", GetPlayerName(PlayerId()), {255, 255, 255}, "Hello, this is the message that will show in chat.")

This event has an object parameter which consists of 3 properties (color[array], multiline[boolean] and args[array])


TriggerEvent("chat:addMessage", {
    color = {255, 255, 255},
    multiline = true,
    args = { GetPlayerName(PlayerId()), "Hello, this is the message that will show in chat" }

For further documentation of this event, see the chat:addMessage section.