Fuel consumption

By default in GTA5 and FiveM vehicles do not consume fuel. This feature allows to turn the fuel consumption on and customize it for your needs.

Turn on/off

To set/check the fuel consumption use SET_FUEL_CONSUMPTION_STATE/GET_FUEL_CONSUMPTION_STATE natives. Set true to turn it on, false - to turn it off.

How it works

Fuel consumption speed

When turned on, fuel consumption is calculated by the formula:

time_step * revolutions_per_minute * vehicle_fuel_consumption_rate_multiplier * global_fuel_consumption_rate_multiplier

I.e. fuel is consumed faster the more revolutions engine does. This approximates how fuel consumption works in real world.

Fuel is not consumed when the engine is turned off.

By default, 65 liter gas tank car with average fuel consumption can stay idle for ~16.67 hours or run with max RPM for ~2.5 hours.

Customize consumption speed

To customize/check global (across all vehicles) fuel consumption rate (global_fuel_consumption_rate_multiplier in the formula above) use SET_FUEL_CONSUMPTION_RATE_MULTIPLIER/GET_FUEL_CONSUMPTION_RATE_MULTIPLIER natives. By default it is set to 1. If set to negative - 0 will be used instead.

To customize fuel consumption per vehicle (vehicle_fuel_consumption_rate_multiplier in the formula above) use SET_HANDLING_FLOAT (for all vehicles with given class) or SET_VEHICLE_HANDLING_FLOAT (for a specific vehicle) native with fieldName equal to fPetrolConsumptionRate. By default it is set to 0.5 for all vehicles.

You can also use CodeWalker tool or similar to edit vehicle handling.meta file and set fPetrolConsumptionRate value to HandlingData. If not set it results to the default value of 0.5.

Petrol tank volume and current fuel level

To customize petrol tank volume use SET_HANDLING_FLOAT/SET_VEHICLE_HANDLING_FLOAT natives with fieldName equal to fPetrolTankVolume.

You can also use CodeWalker tool or similar to edit vehicle handling.meta file and set fPetrolTankVolume value to HandlingData.

To update/check fuel level in a vehicle use GET_VEHICLE_FUEL_LEVEL/SET_VEHICLE_FUEL_LEVEL natives.

Vehicles without fuel consumption

Fuel is not consumed for the following vehicles:

  • Vehicles that only have NPCs in them.
  • Bicycles. I.e. vehicles with vehicle type equal to 12.
  • Vehicles with infinite fuel. I.e. vehicles with petrol tank volume equal to 0. By default it’s only bicycles.

To check if vehicle will consume fuel when player is inside (i.e. petrol tank volume above 0 and not a bicycle) use DOES_VEHICLE_USE_FUEL native.

Gas stations

When turning on fuel consumption you need to think about mechanisms to allow players to refuel a vehicle.

We do not provide out of the box functionality for gas stations. But you can implement it on your own using provided natives.

Example gas stations implementation

-- List of all gas stations in the world.
-- Update this list to include all gas station locations.
-- You can create a config file and read it from there, or just hard code as in this example.
GasStations = {
        coords = vector3(64.55, 20.4, 68.9),  
        radius = 8

-- Distance from point is the simplest way to determine if vehicle is at a gas station.
-- You can use polygons if you need more precision.
function IsPointInGasStation(point, gasStation)
    return #(point - gasStation.coords) <= gasStation.radius

-- Triggered when player enters gas station.
-- You can customize communication with a player the way you want.
function ProcessGasStationEnter(vehicle)
    -- Get current vehicle fuel level.
    local vehicleFuelLevel = GetVehicleFuelLevel(vehicle)
    -- Get vehicle petrol tank volume.
    local vehicleGasTankVolume = GetVehicleHandlingFloat(vehicle, "CHandlingData", "fPetrolTankVolume")
    -- Display basic text message.
    local gasStationMessage = string.format("Welcome to gas station. You have %.3f out of %.3f liters of fuel left. Press G to fill tank.", vehicleFuelLevel, vehicleGasTankVolume)
    AddTextEntry("CH_ALERT", gasStationMessage)
    EndTextCommandDisplayHelp(0, false, false, 200)

-- Fill up player's vehicle gas tank.
-- You can customize communication with a player the way you want.
function ProcessGasStationFuelPurchase(vehicle)
    -- Get vehicle petrol tank volume.
    local vehicleGasTankVolume = GetVehicleHandlingFloat(vehicle, "CHandlingData", "fPetrolTankVolume")
    -- Fill up the tank.
    SetVehicleFuelLevel(vehicle, vehicleGasTankVolume)

-- Checks if the specified vehicle is close to a gas station.
-- Caller must ensure that the vehicle exists.
function IsVehicleAtGasStation(vehicle)
    -- If the vehicle doesn't use fuel (i.e. a bicycle or with infinite fuel).
    if not DoesVehicleUseFuel(vehicle) then
        return false

    -- Get coordinates of the vehicle and check that it's close enough to any of the gas stations.
    local vehicleCoords = GetEntityCoords(vehicle)
    for _, gasStation in ipairs(GasStations) do
        if IsPointInGasStation(vehicleCoords, gasStation) then
            return true
    return false

    -- Main loop.
    while true do
        -- Do not add sleep time since this thread is operating with controls.

        -- Only run script if fuel consumption is turned on globally.
        if GetFuelConsumptionState() then

            -- Check if player is in a vehicle.
            local vehicle = GetVehiclePedIsIn(PlayerPedId(), false)
            if DoesEntityExist(vehicle) then

                if IsVehicleAtGasStation(vehicle) then


                    -- If G is pressed on a keyboard.
                    if IsControlPressed(0, 58) then